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Enterprise Security Risk Consulting & Management

At San & Associates, we believe that effective security management demands a well-rounded strategy that integrates risk management, operations, and financial objectives. Our enterprise security consulting and management advisory services offer a complete solution that caters to all your security needs with a proactive and reactive approach.

Our skilled professionals, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, strive to guarantee the optimal level of security for your organization. We rely on international standards, crisis management framework, and Organizational Resilience Maturity Model to ensure that our clients are prepared to react and adjust to changing situations without glitches.

Security Risk Assessment & Management

  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessment, Gap Analysis and Countermeasures
  • Security and Compliance Audits (i.e., Operational Audit, Physical Security Audit, Guard Force Assessments)

Security program Development

  • Structuring / Restructuring Security Departments to align with organizational goals
  • Organizational Security Program & Roadmap
  • Security Concept, Security Policy Development & Implementation
  • Asset Protection and Automated Assets Tracking

Organizational Resilience & Crisis Management

  • Developing / Reviewing and/or Managing Crisis Management Plan
  • Planning Emergency Evacuation & Support teams
  • Medical Aid and Logistical Support
  • Awareness Trainings

Security Project Management

  • Security System Designing,
  • Product sourcing, (Vendor selection & screening, equipment installation, testing),
  • Project management and Maintenance services
  • Human Assets Out- Sourcing / Managed Services

Physical Security Penetration Testing

  • Specially developed physical security exercise to test if security teams are aware of existing protocols

Event Security Planning & Management

  • Site-surveys, Needs Assessment, Strategy & Protocols and Project roadmap
  • Planning, acquiring, deploying and managing security resources (i.e. Security equipment & Security-force etc.)

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