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Corporate Research & Investigations

At San & Associates, we recognize the significance of having precise information when it comes to making critical business decisions. That’s why we offer a range of corporate research and investigation services with an emphasis on integrity. Our goal is to help our clients distinguish fact from fiction, uncover the truth they need, and make informed choices.

Whether you need to evaluate a potential business partner, investigate a market opportunity, or assess the risks associated with a new venture, our team is equipped to assist. Our focus is on delivering results and providing quality advice, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their objectives through intricate research and investigations. We utilize the latest techniques and technologies to gather and analyze information, ensuring that our clients receive clear, actionable insights that support their decision-making process.

Fraud Risks Investigations and Management

  • Internal Frauds
  • undercover investigations,
  • Vendor Screening & Auditing
  • Financial and Legal support

Brand Protection / Intellectual property Inquiries

  • Product Surveillance & Source Identification,
  • Grey market
  • Transshipments and diversions

Due Diligence & Research

  • Commercial Inquiries, Market
  • Competition Intelligence
  • Corporate Registration and Record Research
  • Physical business site visits and verification

Background Screening & Verification

  • Identity Verification
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks,
  • Educational record verification,
  • Previous employment verification,
  • Local police checks,
  • Reference & Personal data check (I.e., Birth, Death, Divorce Verification)
  • Professional licenses or membership verification,
  • Physical address verification

Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Pre-insurance verification,
  • False claim investigation,
  • Document/Record collection,
  • Death Claims investigations
  • Incident verifications
  • Health Claim investigations etc.

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