We at San & Associates recognize that professional competence will not achieve success in consultancy unless it is supported by the confidence and cooperation of our valued clients and their staff.

We, therefore, consider it essential to establish a rapport early with our clients and keep them informed of our thinking and progress throughout the assignment, particularly when we are formulating our recommendations.

Our approach to consultancy seeks to combine objective analysis with an understanding of human aspects of the problems under review. By providing a coordinated range of consultancy services, San & Associates takes a “joint venture” approach by which it’s a win-win situation for all stake holders.

Underlying this approach are four basic principles:

We only accept and conduct an assignment when fully confident that we have the resources and expertise to meet the needs of our clients;

Before commencing on an assignment we make sure that our proposed approach, our understanding of needs, our timing and costs are satisfactory to our clients. We always seek the opportunity to implement our recommendations, since we strive for practical and not theoretical benefits to our clients; All information acquired during an assignment about our clients is held in the strictest confidence.